Kim Sets Up the Most Awkward Blind Date Ever! Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Season 1, Episode 7
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The Kardashians

Kim Sets Up the Most Awkward Blind Date Ever! Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Season 1, Episode 7

Sometimes, things just aren’t what they seem...

Two things we didn’t know about fashionable, sleek Scott: He smokes! AND he’s a hoarder! The man is a slob; he even has a mealy, wormy apple in a bedroom drawer. Kourtney can’t stand it anymore and starts to neaten up... but Scott isn’t having it. So he rearranges all of her products in the bathroom and turns them upside down. Mature!

In the meantime, Kim’s friend Simon suggests that she hire his pal, a marketing genius named Marco, to help out with DASH. She promptly meets him, and is impressed by his resume. The two also hit it off on a personal level and decide to go shopping together. Judging only by his knowledge of fashion, Kim immediately assumes he is gay, and is delighted to have a new ‘gay’ shopping buddy.

Kourtney calls Simon and inquires about Marco — Simon tells her he is not a “gaylord” — he is straight and “metrosexual.. But Kourt decides to keep it a secret from Kim to see what drama unfolds. Meanie!

Kim and Marco enjoy a day’s shopping excursion at Scoop NYC, and because she thinks he’s gay, she lets her guard down in the dressing room and he sees her in the buff. The two have a great time, and Kim decides she wants to set Marco up with her friend Rob.

Kim Sets Up the Most Awkward Blind Date Ever! Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Season 1, Episode 7
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Rob, Marco, and Kim meet at a gay bar called Therapy, and Rob is immediately smitten with Marco. Kim thinks she’s quite the matchmaker until Rob’s advances become pretty obvious, and Marco is visibly uncomfortable. When Rob excuses himself to use the restroom, Marco informs Kim that he’s not gay. She’s shocked, everyone gets tres uncomfortable, and Marco leaves the bar. Rob has a great sense of humor about the whole thing and it not angry at Kim. (Kim is mortified, however.)

Scott visits his therapist to discuss the way Kourtney nags him about his sloppiness. The therapist advises him that he doesn’t have enough experience to deal with such situations head-on and suggests that he remove himself from future clashes with Kourtney.

Scott mistakenly leaves the toilet seat up and Kourtney falls in. Unfortunately, Scott had not flushed. So Kourtney retaliates by rubbing pee all over Scott’s face. Adhering to his therapist’s advice to remove himself from bad conflicts, he decides to get a separate room for the night. Kourtney calls Khloe to discuss it, and Khloe picks Scott’s side and tells her sister that she should be supporting all the efforts that Scott’s been making to change himself for the better. Kourtney goes to Scott’s room and the two make up.

We are continually impressed by Scott on the show, and he and Kourtney — despite petty squabbles — seem to be communicating well (for the most part) and seem able to laugh off things that used to drive wedges between them. Yay for Scott!

Two questions we are dying to know the answers to: Will Marco ever talk to Kim again? And what happened to Scott’s cane? Perhaps next week’s episode will yield some answers!

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