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Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Day Drama (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may have had a fairytale wedding, but even the megastars couldn’t make it down the aisle without a few minor glitches.

Kim’s guest list had been the source of much speculation, especially after Beyonce and Jay Z, Brody Jenner, and even her little brother, Rob Kardashian, were no shows, but it seems that the behind-the-scenes drama was a bit less explosive than the media reported.

Although many sources claimed that Kim and Rob had a blowout before her big day which led to him ditching the festivities, Kim admits that the real story was a much sadder tale.

“When Rob flew to Paris, he read some nasty comments about himself and he just didn’t feel comfortable,” reveals Kim. “It makes me so sad for him. It’s heartbreaking, it really is.”

While Rob’s absence may have put quite the damper on the big day, there were plenty of guests managed to show up and disappoint the bride just the same.

Kim admits that she was less than thrilled with sister Kylie Jenner’s decision to sport blue hair for the wedding day, but let the issue slide, not wanting to start more drama among with her family.

“Kylie’s hair is still blue and she promised me she would put extensions in to cover it,” says Kim. “It’s just not worth the battle and I’m just going to let it go.”

Good thinking, Kim — you don’t want to have to paint over any more engraved place settings!

Do you think Kim was out of line in asking Kylie to change her hair for the wedding? Sound off in the comments!