Kim Zolciak and Her Daughters Argue Over Adoption (VIDEO)

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kim Zolciak and Her Daughters Argue Over Adoption (VIDEO)

There’s plenty of love between Kim Zolciak, her daughters, and Kroy Biermann, but that doesn’t mean that Brielle and Ariana are super eager to be adopted by their step dad — they have some important questions first!

For one, 16-year-old Brielle has her reservations about Kroy because he’s been known to lay down the law one too many times, like when he took her cellphone away for two months. The horror!

As Kim explains to the Bravo cameras, “Kroy really balances out my parenting with his style of parenting, he’s the disciplinarian and I’m the pushover. Kroy disciplining the girls now, they don’t appreciate it, but when they’re older they will, I know they will”

And while the girls of course love Kroy, Brielle reminds Kim that if he were to adopt them it would be yet another major change in their lives.

“You expect us to adapt so easily, it’s not easy to adapt to,” she reasons.

Kim hears her daughter, but also tells her that change is an important part of life, noting, “In order to grow, things have to change. You can’t just stay in the same place forever.”

To see the full conversation with Kim and her girls, check out the sneak peek of the Don’t Be Tardy Season finale below!