Kim Zolciak’s Son Kane Already Has a Girlfriend!
Credit: Kim Zolciak on Instagram    

Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak’s Son Kane Already Has a Girlfriend!

None of Kim Zolciak’s kids are old enough to vote — and her youngest two are hardly old enough to stand up by themselves — but that isn’t keeping them from attracting plenty of attention from their peers.

Kim reveals to that her 9-month-old son, Kane, is already quite smitten with her pal Jen’s baby daughter, Lilly.

Of course, Jen thinks her little one is pretty neat, too.

“Jen is over the moon with Lilly! She is such a good baby! I have never seen Jen this happy in 15 years. Kane has a little girlfriend now!” gushes Kim.

While Jen may be over the moon with her bundle of joy, she’s still got plenty of first-time mom jitters, which Kim, as a mother of six, is happy to help her through.

“The first couple of weeks after Lilly was born she had a lot of questions, but not so much anymore,” says Kim of Jen’s parenting skills. “She has motherhood down pat.”

Kane may be a little bit young to be going steady, even by southern standards, but we can only imagine how adorable his baby dates are!

Are you surprised that Kim is helping out Jen so much with her parenting?