Kim Zolciak Storms Out for the Last Time: Recap of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5, Episode 5
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kim Zolciak Storms Out for the Last Time: Recap of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5, Episode 5

It's time for our weekly dose of insanity — here's what went down with Kim Zolciak on Season 5, Episode 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Let's do this!

Home, Sweet Home

It was all stress for Kim last week, while she packed up her dream mansion and headed back home to her townhouse, but this week she seems to be way more relaxed as she enjoys pizza with her daughters. Ariana and Brielle are happy to be back in their old hood, too. Mom and her girls enjoy some bonding, where Brielle teaches Kim about the importance of birth control after she learns she was an accident. Heartwarming.

Kim Backs Out of Anguilla and Then Some

Later, the women decide to meet for lunch to work out the deets for the Anguilla trip. But, first, Cynthia Bailey has to clear the air with Phaedra Parks after last week's butt-dialing incident. The supermodel was equipped with the incriminating message, but she wasn't prepared for the big-ass arrangement of lilies Phaedra showed up with, not to mention a full-on apology for what she had said. It's hard to not accept that grand gesture, so Cynthia forgives ... but she doesn't forget.

Kandi Burruss shows up next and drops the bomb that she invited Kenya Moore, who follows soon after with a round of air kisses. Cynthia is beyond annoyed. Next is NeNe Leakes and last, but not least, Kim arrives. Just as they are toasting to Anguilla and assuring that they are all in, Kim casually mentions that she'll just have to talk to her doctor. Five minutes later, she's saying she can't go. What's more, she admits that she's going on a different vacation at the same time.

Everyone's mad pissed that they all changed their schedules to accommodate her. Phaedra wonders if Kim has any time for her girlfriends anymore, to which Kim responds, "You know what, I really don't." Oh, Kim, come on now, sisters before misters! Chicks before ... well, you get the picture.

Next thing we know, Kim's out the door. It's the end of an era, people. Thank Bravo for spin-offs.

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