Kim Zolciak Takes a Pregnancy Test (VIDEO)
Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty Images    

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kim Zolciak Takes a Pregnancy Test (VIDEO)

When Kim Zolciak takes a pregnancy test, she does it right. In this sneak peek for the Don't Be Tardy season finale, the former Real Housewife of Atlanta decides to take a test or two... or twenty.

After dragging Kroy into the bathroom to assist her — is it just us or are these two bordering on killing the romance? — she emerges with four sticks, which she proceeds to dip into a Solo cup of fresh Kim pee-pee. Where are the Bravo censors when you need them?

Kroy drops his in the cup by accident, causing Kim to yell at her hubby.

"I wanna make sure it's saturated!" he fires back.

They line up about 10 tests on the bed (wouldn't a bathroom counter be more appropriate?) and wait.

Word on the street is that Kim and Kroy are expecting … are we going to find out with them? Stay tuned!

Are you watching the DBT finale on June 25? Check out the sneak peek below and then weigh in!