Kim Zolciak Wants to Make Sure She Stays Close to Her Daughters (VIDEO)
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Kim Zolciak Wants to Make Sure She Stays Close to Her Daughters (VIDEO)

Kim Zolciak may be over the moon with the arrival of her two little boys, but the loving mama is still doing her best to make sure she remains close to her older girls, Brielle and Ariana. After last week’s teary conversation with Brielle — in which the teen claimed her mom has had less time for her since giving birth to the boys — Kim is extra aware of all the quality time she spends with her daughters.

During a late-night conversation with Kroy, Kim points out that she used to take her daughters to the Bahamas all the time. Kroy, however, isn’t a huge fan of that idea. “Every kid does not get that, they get one vacation a year.”

Kim knows that weekend jaunts to the Bahamas aren’t the norm, but she also wants Kroy to see that quality time with her girls is important, especially because they will be away at college in a few years. “I always want to maintain that close relationship. I just feel like with not having my own mom in my life I would never, ever want that to happen with the girls and I, ever.”

To see the rest of Kim and Kroy’s parenting discussion, check out the Don’t Be Tardy sneak peek below!