Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Brielle Zolciak Poses With Kroy Biermann and "Grandpa" Bruce

Earlier this month the lovely Brielle Zolciak, eldest daughter of one Kim Zolciak and adoptive father Kroy Biermann, sent out a series of tweets making it sound like she had switched schools once again. The cute-as-a-button reality starlet had some trouble finding a good school in the past (thanks to some obnoxious bullies) but according to her mama, the high school junior isn’t on the move this time.

Supper-pregnant Kimmie sent out a tweet addressed to a Real Housewives blog, and her message was short and sweet. “My daughter has not switched schools @Real_Housewives @BrielleZolciak,” she wrote.

Though Brielle’s earlier tweets were a bit misleading, we’re glad to hear that she won’t be headed to a new school in the middle of her junior year.  She even clarified the confusion herself, tweeting, “no I'm obviously kidding I still go the same school I've been going to since the beginning of the year @DanielaMarkoo.”

This little lady has big college plans, and we wouldn’t want some school switch-a-roo to hurt her chances of getting a good higher education. Plus, if her gorgeous homecoming photos from earlier this year are any indication, Elle is happy as a clam at her current high school.

Sorry for the mixup, girl!

Are you surprised that Brielle is already a junior? Weigh in below!