Credit: Wilford Harewood/Bravo Photo: Andy Cohen Chats With Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak left The Real Housewives of Atlanta in spectacular fashion not long after Season 5 of the Bravo hit began filming (don’t ya’ll remember her dramatic strut off set?!) and at the time it seemed as if Kimmie was as over her co-stars as they were over her.

But, as they say, time heals all wounds. There was a point in time when we thought that Kim and NeNe Leakes would never reconcile, but when NeNe invited her onetime bestie to her nuptials last June, we got our wish and all was right with the world.

Thankfully, Kim and NeNe still talk, and Kim also maintains a relationship with another H’wife, which was a genuine surprise to us. In an interview with Mini Magazine, Kim was straight up asked if she still keeps in contact with her former RHoA cast members. “Yeah, I talk to NeNe and I text Cynthia,” she began. “I keep telling Cynthia that we’re going to have to a glass of wine but I’m going to have to get over this pregnancy to do that.”

As you may have guessed, this interview was conducted before Kim welcomed twins Kane Ren and Kaia Rose into the world last month. We expected that Kim and NeNe still chatted (you can’t deny a love like theirs!) but we were a bit surprised to hear that Kim is eager to guzzle some pinot with Cynthia. The mama and the model never really got along when they were on the show together (though they didn’t hate each other) and we’ll admit that they seem like a slightly strange match.

Still, we have to give both ladies props for moving beyond the Housewives drama and being able to sit down for a delightful glass of wine — they’ll just need to wait until breastfeeding Kim can drink again!

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Source: Mini Magazine

Credit: Celebified Photo: Former Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Kim Zolciak Gives Birth To Twins!