Kim Zolciak delivered twins Kane Ren and Kaia Rose on November 25, but we’re now well into December and have yet to see even the tiniest glimpse of her new bundles of joy. Kimmie even kept the twins under wraps (literally!) when she and Kroy took them to a doctor’s appointment in Atlanta just days after they were born.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star is obviously thrilled that the newest members of her family are safe and sound, and while we love hearing about how much the perpetually new mama loves late night feedings and such, we really just want to see those cutie pies and decide if they look more like mama Kim or papa Kroy! Brielle did describe her new sibs in a tweet several days ago, but as of right now that’s the only description we have to go off of and we’re ready for more.

However, every Real Housewives fan knows that these gals love to sell pics of their new additions to the tabloids. Kim, of course, is no exception. KJ and Kash each had their own tabloid feature complete with several photos (Life & Style is Kim’s mag of choice) just weeks after their respective births, so we can likely expect to see the twins’ cute little mugs on a magazine cover  sometime soon.

But before we get actual photos of Kane and Kaia, Kim was kind enough to provide her fans with another verbal description of her youngest son and daughter, tweeting, “Baby Kane is my twin!!! Yahooo 1 out of the 4 babies looks like me!! Kaia is her daddy all day loooong! Their lips are so pouty and pink.”

KJ is like Kroy’s clone, and while we initially thought that Kash had more Kim in him, he’s growing up to be a mini-Kroy as well. We’re happy that at least Kane takes after Kim, and after three boys we’re super eager to aw over little Kaia as well!

Are you ready for a glimpse of the Zolciak-Biermann twins? Tell us your thoughts below!

Credit: Celebified Photo: Former Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Kim Zolciak Gives Birth To Twins!