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There's no question that former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak looks amazing, even though she just gave birth to twins on November 25. So how much weight did she gain during her pregnancy?

Kim and husband Kroy Biermann welcomed twins Kane Ren and Kaia Rose last month. We've gotten to see glimpses at Kim's post-baby bod, and she definitely looks fab. Way to go Kim!

But since Kim has been getting plenty of inquiries on Twitter about how much weight she gained and how much the babies weighed, she decided to clear things up once and for all. 

"To answer the questions I keep getting, Kane weighed 6 lbs. 14 oz., and Kaia weighed 6 lbs. even!!!" Kim tweeted on December 11. "Almost 13 lbs. of baby!"

And how much weight did Kim gain in total during the pregnancy? "I gained almost 50 lbs.!" she adds.

Kim's daughter Brielle recently posted a pic of Kim that was taken nine days after the babies arrived, and Kim does not look like someone who had gained 50 pounds during her pregnancy. "How is my mom a size 4," Brielle captions that shot, which is seen above.

Indeed, when one of Kim's Twitter followers writes about the weight, "But still allllll baby  that was one impressive belly.. :)" Kim replies, "Huge belly!"

Are you surprised by how much weight Kim gained?

Source: Kim on Twitter