Credit: Photo: Sweetie Hughes Smiles With Brielle Biermann

Wowzers! Kim Zolciak's oldest daughter, Brielle, is all grown up and she's not afraid to show off her newfound curves. The former Real Housewives of Atlanta offspring and current Don't Be Tardy star took to Instagram to share a photo of her and her family's close friend, Sweetie Hughes.

Brielle wrote, "missin you @sweetiehughes," next to the image of her and her mom's longtime assistant.

Both ladies are rocking duck faces and posing with their arms around each other. Sweetie's known Brielle most of her life, so we're not surprised to see them acting like good friends.

Clearly, Kim is too busy with her four babies to notice that her 17-year-old is posting way-too-sexy pictures for any high-school student! Brielle is wearing a skimpy white camisole and the teeniest jean shorts we've seen in a long time. Even Daisy Duke would blush at Brielle's choice of "pants." When the hell did the awkward tween with the mouth full of braces turn into a pin-up model?

Naturally, a flood of comments accompanies her photo, mostly jealous girls complaining about Brielle's duck face and eager boys begging Brielle to move to their town.

But, those boys better watch their back: Brielle's new dad, Kroy Biermann, may be out for the NFL season after an injury, but that doesn't mean that the Falcons football player can't still kick some serious, scrawny, teenage-boy ass.

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