Credit: Kim Zolciak on Instagram Photo: Kash Biermann Takes the Twins For a Walk

Is it just us or has Kim Zolciak's life turned into one endless episode of an 80s feel-good sticom? Seriously, since leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim has led the kind of life that only Disney princesses dare to dream of. Every single photo she posts makes us aww with joy!

Her latest adorable offering features her second baby boy with Kroy Biermann, Kash, and her brand new twins, Kaia Rose and Kane Ren — not that she has revealed their faces to us yet! The precious bundles are tucked away into their old-fashioned stroller, a pram straight out of Mary Poppins, while Kash uses all his strength to heave the precious cargo up a hill.

Kim added the photo to her insanely cute Instagram collection, writing, "Kash pushing the twins! I could barely make it up the hill pushing the babies!! Lol"

We're still amazed by how much Kim's life has changed in just a few short years. One second it was all about chain smoking and cat fights on tour buses and, in the blink of an eye, she's cozying up to her six (!) wonderful children in her custom-built dream home with an amazing husband.

And, even though Kim still loves nice things, like shoes and purses, she knows how lucky she is to have met Kroy and all the happiness he's brought into her life. This past Christmas, after Kroy gave her a jaw-dropping Chanel bag, she thought it was incredible, but took to Instagram to write about what matters most to her.

"I have healthy beautiful children and an amazing husband and there is nothing else that matters to me In this world the rest is just 'stuff'... Thank you God for all my blessings!!!" Kim posted.

We're happy for you, Kimmie!

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