Credit: Life & Style Photo: Kane and Kaia Biermann Pose Together

With six kids under the age of 17 in her house, former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak has finally declared that she’s done popping out babies. At least she says she’s done. The new mom to twins Kane Ren and Kaia Rose gave her first post-baby interview to Life & Style, and in addition to a bunch of photos featuring Kim’s newest creations, the reality star chatted about her thoughts on expanding her family yet again.  

“This is it — no more kids!,” Kimmie exclaimed to the mag, and given the fact that she’s had four kids in the last two years alone, we can’t say we blame her. “I finally feel like my family is 100 percent complete,” she concluded. Kim’s family includes newborns Kane and Kaia, 17-month-old Kash, 2-year-old KJ, Ariana, 12, and Brielle, 16.

Credit: Life & Style Photo: Kim Zolciak and Twins Cover Life & Style

Now, when it comes to Kim, we’ve learned to take her declarations with a grain of salt (remember when she said she and NeNe Leakes would never be friends again?), but this time around we’re more inclined to believe her. With six kiddos she’s certainly got her hands full — literally! We’d certainly be a bit surprised if Kim gets knocked up again, but stranger things have happened, and we know that she just can’t keep Kroy off of her…

Do you think Kim will have more children, or do you believe her when she says she’s done now? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: Life & Style