Credit: Photo via Instagram

This was a huge year for former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak, so how did the new mama of six celebrate the conclusion of a life-changing year? The best way how, as far as she's concerned: at home with her amazing family!

Not that Kim didn't have plenty of invitations for New Year's Eve festivities. But since her babies aren't even two months old yet, Kim knew exactly where she wanted to be this year as the calendar flipped to 2014 — holed up with her loves in her comfy sweats.

Kim took to Twitter to share how she felt about her choice.

"Turned down a couple appearances tonight cause it was too soon to leave my babies … best decision ever I'm home w/ the fam! Happy New Year," Kim wrote.

With four adorable babies and one hot husband to cuddle at home, we're not surprised that Kim opted for a low-key celebration.

Plus, both of her older daughters also stuck around for the New Year's Eve quality family time.

Although Brielle went out to dinner with some of her friends, she was home by midnight to ring in 2014, while Ariana was in for the night in her cozy PJs.

Kim posted a photo of her girls on Instagram, writing, "One going out the other staying home!!@briellebiermann is going to dinner and then home to ring in the New Year with us! I love it..@arianabiermann is stuck home with us ☺."

Sounds like a fine way to welcome a brand new year to us!

Are you surprised that Kim passed up appearance opportunities to stay home with her family? Sound off below!