Credit: Kim Zolciak on Instagram Photo: Kim Zolciak Snuggles One of the Twins

Kim Zolciak and her friend/assistant Sweetie Hughes have had their fair share of disagreements in the past, but after a brief time apart a couple of years ago, Kim made it clear that Sweetie was forever an honorary member of the Biermann-Zolciak clan. We know Kim’s firstborn, daughter Brielle, is especially close with Sweetie, and even though it’s been several months since we’ve seen any member of Kimmie’s brood on TV, we can confirm that Sweetie is still a big part of their lives. Just last month, the entire family celebrated Sweetie’s birthday.

Kim is likely still recovering from the flu that had her briefly hospitalized last week, and with six kids at home we’re guessing that she’ll take all the help she can get. Sweetie has said that she’s not much of a baby person, but she did manage to snap a sweet shot of Kimmie and one of the twins on January 13.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star posted the final result to her Instagram page, writing, “How I spend my mornings doesn't get any better than this! I rarely get pics of me with the kiddos cause I'm the ‘photographer’ sooo thx @sweetiehughes for secretly snappin away!”

We can’t quite tell which twin Kim is holding here, but the tiny tyke — either baby boy Kane Ren or little girl Kaia Rose — looks super sweet and comfy in a star-print onesie and striped knit hat. Looks like this munchkin is about ready to fall asleep!

Kim, meanwhile, is her usually-flawless self. With her hair in a messy-but-chic updo and a fluffy bathrobe as her outfit, she looks perfectly content spending a day at home with her new babies. It’s hard to believe she was in the hospital just last week!

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