Credit: Kim Zolciak on Instagram Photo: Kroy and KJ Biermann Ride in the Snow

Much of the South is freaking out over the unprecedented amount of snow they are getting this year, but Kim Zolciak and her clan are having a blast — especially the boys. And by "boys," we really mean "man," and that man is her husband, Kroy Biermann.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member and current Don't Be Tardy star took to Instagram to post a bunch of pictures of the kiddos and Dad playing in the snow. She even included an awesome video of Kroy and Kash, 1 ½, zooming down the hill on a sled.

"Homemade sled," she captioned the adorable clip. With Kash sitting between his dad’s legs on what appears to be a boogie board, father and son take off down the slope and immediately do a 180. They then go down backwards before completing the full rotation as they reach the bottom of the little hill.

"Are you ready? Here we go," Kroy yells, and then proceeds to "woo-hoo" all the way down the lawn. Meanwhile, Kash is just staring out into space, looking like he has no idea what the heck just happened. Priceless.

Later, KJ, 2, got his chance to ride with Dad, but this time it was on KJ's awesome quad bike. Of course, that gem of KJ and Kash riding down the driveway got a slew of comments about how unsafe it is for KJ to be on the vehicle without a helmet, but it's super cute all the same.

"Boys will be boys!!!!! KJ and @kroybiermann loving life today!!! #montanaboys," Kim wrote next to the image.

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