Credit: Brielle Biermann on Instagram

Oh, no! Kim Zolciak suffered every mother's worst nightmare over the weekend when she received a call that her daughter, Brielle, was hospital bound after an accident. Luckily, it was nothing that a little super glue couldn't fix.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member and current Don't Be Tardy star took to Twitter to talk about her scary experience.

Credit: Brielle Biermann on Instagram

"Long stressful night! @BrielleZolciak got hit in the face w/ a sign needed stitches (we opted for glue instead) I'm thankful no concussion," Kim wrote.

Later, she went on Instagram to re-post a photo from Brielle, showing off her "battle scars."

"Every mommys worst fear... U get a call @briellebiermann is on the way to the hospital! She is ok!! Thank you God! I have to thank @drloucole for answering my call at 11pm last night and my incredible producer Jen who stayed back with me and all the babies while @kroybiermann went to the hospital! I'm so blessed and grateful she is ok and I have incredible people in my life who are always there for me!" Kim captions the image.

We don't blame Kim for being so emotional — finding out your kid is in the hospital really is a parent's worst fear.

"My heart was in my throat when I got the call! I'm so thankful for my producer who stayed w/ me & the babies & hubby took great care of her," Kim recalled.

We're glad that Brielle is OK and that Kim has such a great support system around her to step in and help out at a moment's notice. With six kids, you definitely need emergency backup!