Credit: Kroy Biermann on Instagram Photo: KJ Biermann Gives Sister Kaia Biermann a Kiss

After she gave birth to four really cute kids, you’d think Kim Zolciak’s body would be used to popping out babies by now, but as the reality star labors in the hospital with twins Kane and Kaia, something suddenly goes seriously wrong.

The clip below — from the Season 3 premiere of Kim’s spinoff, Don’t Be Tardy — shows exactly what went down as Kim and Kroy’s twins made their grand entrance into the world.

“Something is making me feel so dizzy,” Kim says as a myriad of monitors beep around her. A nurse informs Kim that her blood pressure has dropped, and pretty soon little Kaia seems to be in distress.

“Baby A is down,” the nurse declares after urgently paging Kim’s doctor.

“When Leanne says that Baby A is down, my first thought is ‘Well duh, she’s been down the whole time,’” Kim tells the Bravo cameras. “And now, when I see Dr. Hood coming in, I’m like ‘Holy s—t. This is serious.’”

In the sneak peek, we see doctors and nurses scramble as Kroy grabs Kim’s hand, and we can practically feel everyone on edge. “It was like the worst moment ever,” Kim remembers as the medical professionals struggle to get a heart tone from little Kaia.

“It was terrible,” she concludes to the cameras as she holds back tears.

Thankfully we know that Kane and Kaia both made it into the world safely last November, but check out part of the twins’ dramatic delivery below and tell us what you think in the comments.

Don’t Be Tardy Season 3 premieres Thursday, July 17, at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.