Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Brielle Zolciak Poses With Kroy Biermann and "Grandpa" Bruce

Now that Brielle Biermann has her first serious boyfriend — a college fella named SladeKim Zolciak has a whole new set of worries with regards to her firstborn. Brielle may still proudly sport her purity ring, but even Kimmie knows that ice likely doesn’t stand a chance once her daughter turns 18 in February. So how would the Don’t Be Tardy star react if Brielle came home and announced she was having a baby? Read on for Kim’s surprising answer!

Kim was on Watch What Happens Live last week, and when a caller wondered how the mom of six would handle things if Brielle got knocked up, we were pleasantly surprised by what she had to say. “I mean, we’d deal with it. I would be supportive,” Kim dished. “I had her at 19, my parents were very supportive of me and I would do the same thing.”

It’s clear that Kim’s own experience as a teen mom has influenced what she would do if Brielle were ever in that situation, and even though Kim is currently not speaking to her parents, she said their support when she became a young mother was “huge.” “You get kind of scared but my parents were like, ‘There’s no other option. We’re here.’ It was great,” she recalled.

Kim even opened up about how her mom, Karen, would watch Brielle while she was in nursing school and working.”They were supportive so I’m grateful for that,” Kim maintained. “And I would do the same. It’s a part of life, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Are you surprised that Kim would be so supportive of Brielle if she got pregnant, or do you applaud her for being so understanding? Sound off below!