Kimora Lee Simmons: “It’s True” — Is She Confirming Her Marriage?

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Kimora Lee Simmons: “It’s True” — Is She Confirming Her Marriage?

Just two days ago, Kimora Lee Simmons’s ex, Russell Simmons, announced on Twitter than Kimora and her boyfriend, Tim Leissner, had secretly tied the knot. Way to spill the beans!

So far, neither Kimora nor Tim have confirmed that they really are married. But Kimora did allude to the gossip in a recent Twitter post. Too bad she didn’t actually confirm anything.

Yes, it's true...” Kimora tweeted on February 21, “that I'm SKIRT-ing the issue!

She then links to a post on her Life With Kimora site that talks about ‘90s skirt suits as a fashion trend. Kimora does not address the marriage rumors directly in this post. She simply saw a great play on words with “skirt” that would get people to her blog. Nicely done, Kimora.

We love that Kimora has a sense of humor about this whole thing! Instead of fighting back or getting upset about all the gossip, she plays into the rumor mill by tweeting “it’s true” to get people all excited, and then promptly informs us that she not planning to address the issue. At least right now.

Do you think that Kimora and her banker beau really did tie the knot? Or was Russell just trying to cause drama for his ex? (Or maybe both?) Head below to sound off and share your thoughts.

Source: Kimora Lee Simmons on Twitter