Rasheeda Struggles to Explain Kirk Frost’s Affair & Love Child to Their Kids
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Rasheeda Struggles to Explain Kirk Frost’s Affair & Love Child to Their Kids


When discussing affairs and secret children, most attention is focused on the spouse done wrong, but the kids are affected, too.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Kirk Frost is currently ducking child support subpoenas from alleged mistress and baby mama Jasmine Washington. Now, wife Rasheeda is left to explain the complicated situation to their children.


While the boutique owner is reportedly handling the situation well considering the circumstances, she breaks down when she has to explain the situation to their two kids, especially their 16-year-old son, Ky, according to sources at HollywoodLife.


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“It’s one thing when people Rasheeda doesn’t know ask questions about Kirk and his love child, she can handle that. But when her kids are now asking, that’s when she breaks.”


They continued, “Rasheeda’s heart almost stopped when her oldest son Ky, asked his dad if he got another woman pregnant and has another baby.”


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“She didn’t know what to say and started crying. She doesn’t have answers and feels overwhelmed now that her son has to hear all the rumors and accusations that his father created.”


In the end, she’s hoping Kirk steps up and takes on the task of telling their children the full story, since he’s the one who brought the drama to their family’s doorstep.


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“She’s needs Kirk to handle this situation and is going to demand that he be honest to his kids and tell them what’s really going on.”


Despite the drama in the Frost household, sources don’t believe the “Boss Chick” rapper will leave her husband of 17 years.


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“I would be very surprised if Rasheeda ever left Kirk. She lives for her kids and does not want to break up her family."


Do you believe Rasheeda will leave Kirk this time? Sound off below. 

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