Kirk Frost Still Possible Father of Jasmine Washington‘s Son (UPDATE)
Kirk Frost
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Kirk Frost

Kirk Frost Still Possible Father of Jasmine Washington‘s Son (UPDATE)


Rumors circulated this weekend that Kirk Frost took a paternity test during the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion to determine if he is indeed the father of Jasmine Washington's son, Kannon

In fact, it was Jasmine's ex-boyfriend, Logan, that took a paternity test, during the reunion, as he claimed he could possibly be the real father of Kirk's "lovechild." 




The results reportedly came back negative, meaning there is still a chance Kirk is the father. He is still yet to be tested. 

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Kirk Frost

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Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was even more dramatic than we were used to, with the craziest reveal being that Kirk Frost may have not only cheated on his wife Rasheeda Frost with Jasmine Washington, but fathered a baby with her, too.

Now, at the season 6 reunion show, the DNA test results for the baby are reportedly in.

In a dramatic showing that's fit for an episode of Maury, it turns out Kirk IS the father of Jasmine's baby, according to a report from Media Takeout.

Sources also told the site that, in lieu of attending, Jasmine sent a letter to Rasheeda apologizing for not speaking to her about the situation in person. 

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The reunion show was taped on May 31, and the reason Jasmine, 27, wasn't there is because she was reportedly banned from attending.

Keanna Arnold says that both she and Jasmine were prevented from showing up at the taping by Kirk and Rasheeda, over fears that the duo — who both claim to have had affairs with the 48-year-old — would have exposed him as a liar and a cheater.

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Kirk's wife, 35, has stuck by his side so far after 18 years of marriage, and that may not change even if this report ends up being true. 

During a recent appearance on The Real, Rasheeda was asked what she would do if her husband does end up being the father of Jasmine's baby, and she merely said she wouldn't pay any child support for the baby.

Jasmine is currently suing Kirk for that very reason.

Do you think the baby is really Kirk's?

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