Kirstie Alley Already Losing Weight on DWTS
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Dancing With The Stars

Kirstie Alley Already Losing Weight on DWTS

We all know Dancing With the Stars is a great way for stars to lose weight, and it appears that Season 12 contestant Kirstie Alley is realizing that herself already. Don’t think she’s going to be the next Bristol Palin (it was rumored that she didn't lose a single pound during her stint on the show last season)!

“Here's a tip for any weight-loss plan," Kirstie wrote on Twitter. "Dance 4 or 5 hours a day ...sorta starts melting off... But who has the time for that?... Oh.... I do."

For Kirstie, dancing even has some... addictive qualities. "Getting stronger and stronger every day ... and feeling more and more alive ... this dancing is good for the soul," the actress wrote on Twitter, "I'm ready to choke myself out!!! Everyone tells me I have more energy than they've ever seen... DANCE with Maks and I'm like a heroin addict." Hopefully not, but the point is taken.

As for her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, he’s been pleased with his new pupil’s skills. "Kirstie is trying really hard to impress me! I must admit... I'm impressed!" Chmerkovskiy wrote on Twitter before adding, "Having an absolute blast at rehearsals... so far."

In a recent exclusive interview with Wetpaint, Maks also called Kirstie, "hilarious" and said they were getting along really well. [Check out the full interview here.] Fingers crossed their relationship stays that way.

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