Kirstie Alley Reflects on \'DWTS\' & If She Still Watches — Exclusive
Kirstie Alley Weight Loss
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Dancing With The Stars

Kirstie Alley Reflects on ‘DWTS’ & If She Still Watches — Exclusive


Kirstie Alley remains one of the most memorable Dancing With the Stars contestants, but how does she feel about her time on the show?

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Wetpaint chatted with the Jenny Craig spokeswoman about her amazing 50-pound weight loss and the Cheers reunion that came together to promote the weight loss program.

While we had her, we couldn't resist asking which of her co-stars from the beloved sitcom she thinks would be good on the ballroom competition.

"I think Rhea [Perlman] would be good on Dancing With the Stars, because Rhea is a really good dancer," the Season 12 runner-up mused. However, she cautioned, "I don't know if she'd do it."

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The 65-year-old added DWTS is a big choice for any celeb.

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"You have to take a big leap of faith before you do Dancing With the Stars," she explained. "You know it's hard work,and you know you're putting yourself out there. Put it this way — I wouldn't want to do Dancing With the Stars and be off the first week. You know?"

In fact, the Look Who's Talking actress says her agent didn't want her to do the show. "Nobody wanted me to do it, except me!"

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“I just really wanted to learn to dance," she said. "It wasn't some PR move, it wasn't ‘oh this is really going to make my career big,’ it wasn't any of that ...  It's putting yourself in a challenging, scary situation, which I thought would be good for me, and it was.”

So, does she keep up the show she loved enough to do twice, as a regular contestant and again in the All-Star season?

“I don't get to watch it all the time, but I do when I can,” she said. And when it comes to last fall's Season 21, she saw enough to know she was Team Bindi all the way.

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"I loved her!" Kirstie dished. "I think I saw the first dance Bindi did, and then I think I saw maybe two more. I liked her personality."

We couldn't agree more!

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