Glee Kiss Spoiler: Unexpected Characters to Lock Lips
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Glee Kiss Spoiler: Unexpected Characters to Lock Lips

Are we ever ones to turn down getting to see a surprise kiss on Glee? Nope, not ever. But it sounds like an upcoming smooch might not exactly be all that hot.

TV Line is reporting that two Glee characters who have never dated or hooked up before will be locking lips in an upcoming episode. Sadly, no names have been provided about which characters will be involved.

However, the report does include this tantalizing bit of info: "Their PDA will be met with a resounding, 'Ewwwww.'" Weird, right?

We honestly can't think of any characters that we would be grossed out to see kiss, so we're very puzzled as to which two characters this might be referring. Come to think of it, the only couple whose kiss would maybe elicit an "ewww" from us would be Brittany (Heather Morris) and Lord Tubbington but that's only because Lord Tubbington is kind of a player.

However, this new report does seem to back up previous rumors about there being "epic kisses" in the upcoming 100th episode. We would typically think of "epic" as being a good thing, but maybe one of those epic kisses is also epic in an unfortunate way.

Who do you think will be kissing?

Source: TV Line