Kit Harington (And His Abs) Appear on Big Screen — Watch the Trailer!
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Game of Thrones

Kit Harington (And His Abs) Appear on Big Screen — Watch the Trailer!

“Some prayed for help. Many wished for death.” All wanted Kit Harington. That’s our new tagline for Pompeii, the feature film starring the actor who plays Jon “I’ll Melt Down Your Wall” Snow on Game of Thrones.

As we already saw this week, Jon’s been hiding a truly chiseled body underneath the flowing black robe required for all men of the Night’s Watch. Thankfully, though, Resident Evil director Paul W. S. Anderson saw the ab-tastic potential the GoT star possesses and cast him to play the lead in what looks to be Gladiator meets Titanic meets every Michael Bay film ever made.

The trailer itself starts calmly as what at first looks like snow falls gracefully across the screen. But soon enough you remember the name of the movie and realize that ain’t snow, it’s ash. As in volcanic ash that entombed hundreds of people, making them into fossilized casts of human remains. Don’t let that thought disturb you too much though, because here look, Kit’s abs — in 3D!

The remaining 40 seconds of the trailer feature a series of dramatic cuts between Kit, love interest Emily Browning, a really upset-looking gladiator, and a truly beautiful ode to volcanic eruptions. Consider our tickets pre-ordered.

Source: YouTube