Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington Scores First Starring Movie Role
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Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington Scores First Starring Movie Role

Jon Snow may know nothing, but we know that Kit Harington is going to be a movie star. Kit, who portrays Ned Stark’s bastard on Game of Thrones, is currently filming his first starring movie role for the new 3D action film Pompeii. In the movie, Kit trades in his sword and furs for a sword and sandals, playing a former slave who’s now a gladiator on a quest to rescue the love of his life from erupting Mount Vesuvius. Sounds exciting, and historical!

So far, Kit seems to be enjoying the experience. He telling Access Hollywood, “It’s great. It’s my first lead role in a movie as well, which is a very new thing for [me] and it’s going really well.”

While the Roman Empire is certainly a much different setting than North of the Wall in Westeros, there are some similarities between the two cultures Kit has to inhabit. Namely, they both like to use swords. Kit says, “There’s a lot of fight scenes, so that’s something that I’m sort of used to from Thrones. I’m having to get very good at throwing swords about again.” We’re sure it's going well; as we’ve seen on GoT, Jon Snow is very good at throwing swords about.

Kit will also be showing considerably more skin in the new film compared to the long sleeve shirts under long sleeve shirts under long sleeve shirts look that he sports on GoT. He reveals, “I’m [in] far less clothing than I wear on Thrones... sort of a tunic. I’m more aware of my body now than I have been for anything else.” Yeah, let’s hear it for body awareness!

Pompeii is set to premiere early next year, for both the old gods and the new.

Source: Access Hollywood

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