On Game of Thrones, Kit Harington’s Jon Snow certainly stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to his honor, but how tall is he?

Like the heights of many male celebrities, the subject is up for debate. A Google search for “Kit Harington height” shows that the actor is 5’10”, which is the average height for a Brit and can’t really be considered short. However, Kit’s IMDb page lists him at only 5’7¾”, which is decidedly shorter. Celebrity-height.com thinks he’s even shorter, listing him at 5’7” even while comparing photos of him standing next to taller costars. But what does Kit himself say?

Kit declares that he is somewhere in between these three, though definitely closest to IMDb’s account. In an interview with GQ from last month, Kit claims, “I'm five feet eight.”

So there you have it. We’re inclined to believe Kit on this one. 5’8” isn’t exactly a towering height, so we don’t feel like Kit is inflating his numbers here. While 5’7¾” may be the more accurate measurement, we don’t blame Kit for rounding up. Seriously, who in their right mind would give their height in quarter inch measurements?