Vampire Diaries Fans Start Petition Asking Julie Plec, The CW to Support Klaroline — Exclusive Details
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Fans Start Petition Asking Julie Plec, The CW to Support Klaroline — Exclusive Details

While the 100th episode of The Vampire Diaries was a huge one for many of the characters, it was arguably Caroline (Candice Accola) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) that took everyone’s breath away with their hot romp in the woods. While the steamy scene was a big win for Klaroliners (those fans who ship the two supernatural beings together), it was also bittersweet because with the promise of the romantic tryst came the harsh consequence: Klaus would leave forever and never come back.

After the milestone episode aired, showrunner Julie Plec addressed the future of Klaroline’s relationship, noting that each character is firmly rooting in his or her show and that, for now, “this is for good.” This notion of closure for one of the biggest shipper fandoms in all of television has left some fans aching for more. In fact, some fans have rallied around each other and started a petition on asking Julie to let Klaroline “finally get their chance” and give the fans what they want.

“We want Klaus and Caroline together because their character dynamics are so complex and work perfect together,” Jade Lee, a 22-year-old co-runner of the petition exclusively told Wetpaint. “We believe the way to Klaus' redemption is through Caroline. Their scenes are the times that Klaus shows his humanity. No one can deny that.”

And while the thought of catching the attention of a network might seem daunting for some, Jade says the organizers of the petition are hopeful that they will be heard. “We believe the CW should listen to us, we as the viewers are important, without us there would be no show,” she said. “There is nothing wrong with being passionate towards two characters. We believe and have faith in our fandom that we can be heard.”

Vampire Diaries Fans Start Petition Asking Julie Plec, The CW to Support Klaroline — Exclusive Details
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Though there are plenty of Klaroline fans out there who would love to see their favorite characters together forever, the fact that the two characters dwell on separate shows, Caroline on TVD and Klaus on The Originals, poses Julie and her fellow writers quite the challenge to bring these two together. And while it may seem like the end of this shipperdom for the time being, at least the writers for both shows have addressed the hookup and used it as a driving force for the plot.

On Tuesday night’s episode of The Originals (the first since TVD’s 100th episode), Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) made a joke about Klaus’ field trip to see Caroline, saying, “You’re in a good mood. You should visit Mystic Falls more often.” And on the most recent episode of TVD, Caroline made the startling confession of her forest rendezvous to “Elena” (read: Katherine), who then recounted the gossip loud enough for Tyler (Michael Trevino) to overhear, giving those lovebirds much to dwell over in the episodes to come.

That being said, the petition claims moving Caroline from Mystic Falls to New Orleans would be a great move, and an easy one for the writers to make. “There are times where we go several episodes without seeing [Caroline] in any of them,” the petition reads. “At the moment Accola’s character doesn’t have an actual storyline. We would appreciate if she could crossover onto The Originals where her character can have growth and fully be explored.”

Given the fact that the two shows shoot so far in advance and are heading in two separate trajectories, planning another Klaroline reunion would be quite the fete, and we fully understand where Julie and the other writers are coming from, but with the petition inching its way toward the 15,000 signatures, it’s hard not to address the devotion of Klaroline fans.

“We would like to thank Julie Plec for creating an epic romance like Klaroline, but it would be such a waste of potential to just throw [it] away,” Jade continued. “We are a very passionate and loyal fandom, and if anyone thinks we are going anywhere, they would be wrong. Each day Klaroliners grow and become stronger and more determined.”

What do you think about the “Save Klaroline” petition? Are you satisfied with the resolution of these two on-screen lovers or are you clamoring for more? Hit the comments and sound off!

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