What Should Klaus and Hayley Name Their Baby? Our Top 10 Suggestions
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The Originals

What Should Klaus and Hayley Name Their Baby? Our Top 10 Suggestions

All signs point to the daughter of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) being born in The Originals Season 1 finale, which means one thing: Time to pick out a baby name! Given that the Mikaelsons are basically the celebrities of the supernatural world, we thought the parents should keep with the tradition of wacky celebrity baby names and give their daughter a name no one will ever forget. Here are our top suggestions!

Demon Spawn. Hey, at least half of the supernatural residents of the French Quarter already call Hayley and Klaus’ daughter the Demon Spawn. Might as well embrace it. If it makes people super uncomfortable, they can call her Demi for short!

Hayley. We’re all for Hayley pulling a Lorelai Gilmore and naming her daughter after herself (though, there is that somewhat confusing fact that Hayley’s birth name was Andrea). After all, you know that Hayley’s going to be saddled with a majority of the childrearing in this relationship. Not that we don’t think Klaus isn’t going to love and possibly spoil the kid, but the hybrid can’t even take care of himself. We’re not holding out too much hope for his ability to care for a infant.

Sage Moonblood. In perusing real-life celebrity baby names, we came across the name of Sylvester Stallone’s daughter: Sage Moonblood. What a badass name! And perfect for a baby who is half (three quarters?) werewolf. You won’t mind if The Originals borrows it, right Sly?

Rebekah. Wouldn’t it be a lovely gesture if Klaus and Hayley decided to name their baby after her Aunt Bex? And who wouldn’t want Rebekah as their namesake? The vampire is loving, loyal, and tough as nails. (Come back, Rebekah.)

Loophole. The witch Sophie Devereaux once described Hayley and Klaus’ daughter as one of natures “loopholes,” unexpectedly able to be conceived because of Klaus’ werewolf side. We say the supernatural parents go with it. They take the risk of having her called “Loopy” on the playground, but who in their right mind would tease the daughter of a werewolf and Original hybrid?

Niklausina. Klaus is more than egotistical enough to name his daughter after himself. We wouldn’t even be surprised if he dropped the “ina” and just named his baby girl “Niklaus.” Hey, Klaus has the right to pull a Lorelai Gilmore, too.

Leverage. This child has already been used as leverage, and she’s not even born yet! We can only imagine she will become an even greater target once she’s been born. Might as well embrace her role as leverage to be used against Klaus and get some irony out of the situation. Besides, Leverage Mikaelson has a nice ring to it.

Miracle. Frankly, the name Miracle Mikaelson makes us want to vomit with its alliterative sweetness, but it’s exactly the kind of name that would be thrown at an unsuspecting celebrity child, especially one whose very existence is, in fact, a miracle.

Daenerys. The Originals is basically Game of Thrones with vampires, so we can’t help but hope that the so-called miracle baby is named after our favorite Westeros royal: Daenerys Targaryen. Plus, you just know Klaus has the HBO series on his DVR. If Dany Mikaelson plays her cards right, maybe she’ll even get some dragons out of the deal. We have a feeling Klaus is going to bend over backwards for this kid.

Caroline. We just couldn’t resist.

What do you think the baby should be called? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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