Supernatural? Yes, hybrid

Age: Over 1,000 years

Dating status: It’s complicated

What’s scarier than a bloodthirsty vampire bent on destruction? How about one of the oldest, most powerful, virtually indestructible vampire determined to go on a 10-year murder spree? Meet Klaus(Joseph Morgan). He’s the latter. He’s got all the strengths of a vampire and none of the weaknesses. What sort of lottery did he win? Well, Klaus is more than just a vampire: His father was also a werewolf, which means that the Original Vampire is a terrifying hybrid.


Klaus has been undead for 1,000 years. Along with four of his siblings and his step-father, Mikael, Klaus was turned into a vampire by his mother, Esther. This kept the family safe from the local werewolf population, but Klaus turned on his mother (and killed her) when she cursed him and took away his werewolf power. Klaus then hit the road with siblings Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Elijah(Daniel Gillies).

In 1491, Klaus and Elijah met Katherine at his family’s estate in England. Klaus tried to use the Petrova girl to break the curse that made him vulnerable to daylight and unable to harness his werewolf power but was unsuccessful. Although she managed to escape Klaus’s clutches, Katherine had to turn vamp to do so.

Over the years, Klaus began to hunt down his less-than-useful siblings, dagger them, and store them in coffins. He daggered both Finn and Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic), which caused Elijah to abandon his brother. And in the 1920s, when Rebekah chose her then-boyfriend, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley), over her own brother, Klaus daggered her as well. He continued his hunt for Katherine on his own.

Season 2

It took hundreds of years for Katherine’s doppelganger to come into existence, but it finally happened in the form of Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev). The necessary ingredient to his curse-breaking spell was enough to lure Klaus to Mystic Falls, where he killed both Jenna and Elena (who came back to life) in order to complete his transformation from vampire to hybrid. However, when Elijah went to kill his brother, Klaus convinced him that he still had the bodies of their beloved family members. Elijah agreed to let him live, which resulted in Klaus daggering Elijah and leaving town with Ripper Stefan, who agreed to go in return for Klaus’s blood (aka, the cure for Damon’s werewolf bite).

Season 3

After a number of unsuccessful attempts at making hybrids, Klaus undaggered his little sister, Rebekah, and the crew quickly returned to Mystic Falls to see what Stefan was hiding. It was there that Klaus realized that Elena’s blood was the key to making a successful hybrid. Klaus quickly turned Tyler (Michael Trevino) and a number of others into his sired hybrid soldiers. But after Katherine awoke Mikael, Klaus came face to face with his disapproving step-father and the only thing that could permanently kill an Original: the White Oak stake. However, after Stefan stopped Damon from killing Klaus (in order to save Damon’s life), Klaus used the stake on Mikael instead.

At that point, Klaus seemed unbeatable, until Elena and the crew realized that Klaus had murdered his mother. When Elena told Rebekah that it was Klaus and not Mikael who committed the murder, Rebekah agreed to help kill her brother. Damon then pulled the dagger out of Elijah, who in turn undaggered both Finn and Kol.

However, the sibling rivalry was quickly put to an end when Bonnie and Abby opened the coffin containing Esther. Reunited with her family, Esther crafted a spell to link all of her children in an attempt to rid the world of vampires. And when that failed, Klaus planned to drain Elena of all of her blood and leave town. But before he could complete the task, Stefan, Damon, Tyler and Bonnie joined forces to dessicate the unstoppable hybrid.

But dessication wasn’t enough for Mama Original. Instead, Esther used Alaric’s ring to create a White Oak stake that could not be destroyed. She then turned Alaric into a vampire hunter who succeeded in staking Klaus, but only after he had convinced Bonnie to put him in Tyler’s body.

Season 4

Once he was back in his own body (it had only partially burned when Alaric took the stake out of him), Klaus quickly discovered that The Five still existed, which meant that there was a cure for vampirism, and he wanted to get his hands on it so that it couldn’t be used against him. But when he learned that Tyler had been busy unsiring his hybrids, he murdered all 12 of the hybrids and killed Tyler’s mother for revenge.

After Jeremy killed Kol and Bonnie trapped Klaus in Elena’s living room, Klaus finally admitted his feelings for Caroline (Candice Accola) when he saved her life (even though he was the reason she was dying in the first place). He then banished Tyler from Mystic Falls and went back to focusing on the cure. But after a painful run-in with Silas, a one-night-stand with Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and a letter from Katherine claiming that a witch in his old home of New Orleans was plotting against him, he decided it was time to revisit his old stomping grounds.

The Originals

When Klaus arrived in the French Quarter, he found a place that was run by vampires and ruled by his former protege, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). And after discovering that Hayley, who had relocated to New Orleans to find out more about her birth parents, was pregnant with his child, Klaus and Elijah decided to stay in New Orleans. More importantly, Klaus decided he wanted to take the city back from Marcel. But not until after he returned to Mystic Falls to say goodbye to Caroline and inform her that she could be with Tyler, her first love, for now, but that he intended to be her last love.

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