K.Michelle and Lil’ Kim Have a Spat on Twitter During the VMAs!
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K.Michelle and Lil’ Kim Have a Spat on Twitter During the VMAs!

Twitter erupted last night during MTV’s 2014 VMAs with fans across the country using 140 characters or less to describe their feelings over the performances. And while the VMAs promoted great feeling all around, it appears it also caused two musicians — namely Lil’ Kim and K. Michelle — to explode into a passive aggressive feud.

It all started when K. Michelle decided to live-tweet the VMAs and gave a ton of shine to Nicki Minaj, during her “Anaconda”/ “Bang Bang” performance.

“Yessss to the Queen of rap. Nicki did that! Jessie J sings her face all the way off. #Salute,” she tweeted. However, it appeared Lil’ Kim’s fans weren’t too happy with K. Michelle agreeing with Nicki’s assertion that she’s the “Queen of Rap” — a title Kim believes to be unjustly given — and went in for the attack. But K. Michelle wasn’t silenced by Kim’s fans attacking her, later tweeting, “It’s my opinion if you don’t like it deeeezzzzz nuts. Stay out my mentions. Carry on.”

K. Michelle further added, “U lil Kim fans can kiss my ass. Me & Kim [are] VERY cool. Im actually going 2C the baby. If she aint mad, u motherless kids should find a seat,” and “I’m allowed to like more than one artist, just like u miserable folks are allowed to drink a cup of bleach. Love them both.”

While most people would’ve thought this would’ve squashed the beef, it turned out to only ignite the fire in the Queen Bee herself, with Lil’ Kim hopping on Twitter to attack Kay… for attacking her fans!

During a series of tweets (which has since been deleted), Kim’s said, “I wouldn’t do that to U or ur fans. Saying f—k them is like saying f—k me. But you can’t be coming 4 my #teamlilkim my fans. They been here before I met U. I still love U but right is right & wrong is wrong. You know I love u girl but ur tweets were a little shady. It’s definitely ok to like both. We don’t hate over here.”

After the back-and-forth tweeting, K. Michelle decided to bow out of the exchange, by saying, “You can call me.You 2 old 2 keep up mess on twitter over a title. I respect my elders, so I’ll wish u well. Still luv ya @lilkim,” to which Kim responded, “U have my number as well. U coulda called me 2. I’m not going back and forth with U on here. U have my info and ur 2 old 2. Ur not 18. We are both adults. Wrong is wrong. U was assassinating the character of my fans.”

Hmm. Well, guys, we’re not sure if the ladies were able to resolve things, since Kay took to Instagram just a day later with a post that read, “respond intelligently even to unintelligible treatment,” which she captioned, “Good morning beautiful souls. I woke up blessed and still with an opinion, it's my birthright. Now go be great.

Hopefully things work out for the best — it would be a shame that K. Michelle couldn’t get to see Royal Reign over it!

What do you think of K. Michelle and Lil’ Kim’s spat on Twitter? Tell us your thoughts below!

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08.25.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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