The Voice 2013 Behind the Scenes: Blake Shelton Does the Moonwalk! (VIDEO)

The Voice

The Voice 2013 Behind the Scenes: Blake Shelton Does the Moonwalk! (VIDEO)

If you’ve ever watched the ease with which the judges on The Voice interact with one another and thought, “I’d love to hang out with these guys,” you’ll really enjoy NBC’s latest edition of “What You Didn’t See” during the recent knockout rounds. These guys just plain love their jobs (or they’re doing a damn fine job of faking it).

We see Blake Shelton give his best shot at taking the helm of the show in Carson Daly’s role, but instead of just regaining control of the microphone, Carson gives a spot-on (read: very redneck-y) impression of Blake.

Blake also breaks out some serious dance moves, including a moonwalk that contestant Nic Walk accurately describes as “disconnected.” Apparently, Nic has no bones in his entire body, as he attempts to show Blake a few moves of his own (hawk wing, anyone?) and he moves much like an amoeba. He tries to get Blake to “roll,” but Blake tells him he does his best to hide his rolls. Come on — you know you LOL’d!

Christina Aguilera tries to convince Jacquie Lee this is kickback time despite her six-inch sparkly pumps. Plus, we get to see a quick clip of Cee Lo Green and Xtina on the dance floor.

Cee Lo was shown dropping some knowledge on George Horga, Jr., telling him that the bathroom is where you can unleash your vanity.

“Go there and find yourself completely attractive,” he joked.

And then Adam Levine (oh, dreamy Adam) regaled us with his best standup schtick on the hipsters in Brooklyn, and we just know we’d be in the front row if he ever went this route. He’s a natural!

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