Kordell Stewart Says He’s “Definitely Not Gay,” Meets With Matchmaker (VIDEO)
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Kordell Stewart Says He’s “Definitely Not Gay,” Meets With Matchmaker (VIDEO)

Our minds were blown earlier this week when Kordell Stewart officially slammed the long-standing rumor that he was moving on from his Real Housewives of Atlanta ex Porsha Stewart with Towanda Braxton. So now that we know the former NFL star is single and looking, what kind of woman is he seeking?

Thanks to a new video from author and relationship expert Shanae Hall, we know exactly where Kordell stands. Shanae, a former NFL wife who wrote Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man?, took to her site to share an intimate matchmaking chat with Porsha’s ex, and he had a few, ahem, choice words to say about his interests.

First thing’s first, Kordell wants everyone to know once and for all that he is of the heterosexual variety. When the matchmaker asks him if he “goes both ways,” he is very clear… maybe too much so. “Too many beautiful women in this world to be indulging in a sexual relationship with another man,” Kordell begins, adding, “So if that’s what they choose to do... on everything I love, that’s not even a thought.”

Alright then. Now that we’ve got that cleared up, let’s dive into what he’s searching for, looks-wise: “She don’t have to be a 10, but I for sure don’t want less than an 8,” the former baller says. Oh, and for reference, he considers Gabrielle Union to be “an 8.” Not sure Dwyane Wade — or the rest of America — would agree on that one. Girl is gorgeous.

We will let you watch the rest for yourself, but just know that Kordell is on the hunt for a woman that loves his “hot mess drawers,” aka underwear straight out of the weight room. Yep, that’s exactly what it sounds like...

Something tells us Porsha is feeling good about her situation right about now!

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