Kordell Stewart Denies Gay Rumors, Calls Himself “100 Percent Man”
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kordell Stewart Denies Gay Rumors, Calls Himself “100 Percent Man”

We are only one episode in so far on Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but the drama is already in full force when it comes to newbie Porsha Stewart and her ex, Kordell Stewart. The football player had a Twitter meltdown after this week's show, when Porsha insinuated that the rumors about him being gay might be true after all, and now he's talking about the situation on radio station V-103's Ryan Cameron Morning Show.

During the Season 6 premiere, Porsha dropped hints about Kordell's sexuality, revealing, "There were definitely times in the marriage that Kordell didn't necessarily want me physically."

But, according to Kordell, the rumors couldn't be further from the truth.

"I'm 100 percent man," he tells the radio station.

Hmm. The last time we checked, gay men were a 100 percent men, too.

He went on to elaborate on his preferences, claiming, "I don't do no homophobic. I don't do no none of that. There's nothing about no dude that I see."

We're not even following what that means. Is he saying that he's not homophobic or does he think that homophobic means something else?

"With all due respect," he added at the end, as if to make sure he wasn't going to offend anybody who might be listening.

When Ryan Cameron urged Kordell to sue Porsha for slander, however, Kordell seemed very hesitant. As far as whether or not he still loves his wife, Kordell shared, "I have love in my heart to what I remember about Porsha."

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Source: V-103