Kordell Stewart Drops Bombshell: “Porsha Williams Asked Me For a Divorce” (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kordell Stewart Drops Bombshell: “Porsha Williams Asked Me For a Divorce” (VIDEO)

We’d heard that Porsha Williams’s now-ex Kordell Stewart would be appearing on this sixth season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, but we didn’t know how he would play into the storyline. Now we’re getting a sneak peek at the former NFL star’s cameo in next Sunday’s March 2 episode of the Bravo reality hit, and he is back with some serious allegations against Porsha!

During last night’s ep of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen shared a sneak peek of Kordell’s sit-down with Peter Thomas (really bro?), and Porsha’s former hubby does not hold back.

“She’s just so disrespectful, bro,” he bemoans to Cynthia Bailey’s man, adding, “Her whole family, all of them, bro. I despise them people when it comes to my marriage because everybody was in the middle and everything. I did nothing but try to help the girl.”

But before Kordell could continue patting himself on the back for being so “helpful” to his ex, Peter does put him on the spot, pointing out that “she found out on Twitter that you filed for divorce.”

That’s when things get interesting. It’s not as it seems, reveals Kordell: “No, that’s a lie. She asked me to file for divorce three months in advance — on a consistent basis. She saw it on Twitter, but she knew it was coming. It was a matter of time. See all this victimized mentality she got around here, trust me, she know what it is.” WHAT!? What say you, Porsha?

Well, Andy asks Porsha to respond, and she is just as brutally blunt. “That’s the same monster that I was married to,” she says before continuing, “I felt backstabbed when I found out that he was sitting with Peter and all that.”

However, she seems to have found peace and is focusing on moving forward. “But at the end of the day, I’m in a whole other place,” Porsha explains. “The aggression, how he’s trying to paint me now — I’m so past that. All I want to say is that, some of the things that he said about how I was out [partying] — after you file [for divorce], that’s it. You move on, I don’t have to be at the house all the time.”

Do you think there’s some truth to Kordell’s story or is he full of it? Share your theories in the comments below.

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