Kordell Stewart “Expects Greatness” in 2014, Wants to Be “Drama Free”
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kordell Stewart “Expects Greatness” in 2014, Wants to Be “Drama Free”

So far we’ve only seen Porsha Stewart’s side of the divorce drama on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but just last Sunday the reality star revealed that her ex will be featured in an upcoming episode of the Bravo hit, in which he will reveal his side of the story.

Seeing as how Kordell told his wife of their split over Twitter and subsequently locked her out of the house they once shared, we’re not exactly breaking out our violin just yet, but it’s worth remembering that this split has been tough on the former footballer as well. Yes he initiated it and broke Porsha’s heart, but the reality star has done her fair share of hurting as well, even implying that Kordell is gay.

Now that several months have passed since the sudden split and the couple is legally divorced, things seemed to have calmed down considerably. So, on the first day of 2014, Kordell Instagrammed one of his famous “Kordellisms” for the year ahead. The Instagram post reads, “Day 1 of 2014 and many things to look forward to. Expect greatness, live for it, demand it. Let those who feel sorry for themselves and want to blame others sit their asses where they are. The climb is tough and you don’t need dead weight. Go get it…”

Kordell Stewart “Expects Greatness” in 2014, Wants to Be “Drama Free”
Credit: Kordell Stewart on Instagram    

And the wisdom for the new year didn’t stop there. Kordell’s caption for the 2014 kick off post was just as Kordell-like as the initial post itself.

In the lengthy caption Kordell writes, “Be special, don't settle, make those around you better, lead by example, tough love is great love believe or not. Some people are late bloomers and others are already there. Find your lane and cruise through this thing we call life and enjoy it. Drama free, all things to the positive, and glass always half full. Stay above the clouds regardless of how others may feel. Do you and do it smiling. #beblessed #believe #GOD1st #alwaystothepositive #ambitious #driven #focused #steady #truth #kordellism.”

We don’t know whether it’s deep or just plain ridiculous, but at least Kordell got a lot off his chest!

Do you think any of Kordell’s musings were directed at Porsha, or is he just looking forward to a fresh start in 2014? Tell us your thoughts below!