Kordell Stewart Warns “Be Mindful of What You Say” — Is He Talking to Porsha?
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Kordell Stewart Warns “Be Mindful of What You Say” — Is He Talking to Porsha?

Kordell Stewart pulled the ultimate douche move when he had his wife, Porsha Stewart, find out that he was filing for divorce on Twitter, and Porsha enacted her revenge by publicly questioning the former football player’s sexuality, both in numerous promotional interviews and even on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Porsha has taken a more mature approach as of late, insisting that she supports Kordell’s new relationship with fellow reality star Towanda Braxton and maintaining that she just wants her ex to be happy, but, as we mentioned above, that wasn’t always the case.

Kordell is fond of taking to his Instagram page to post his words of wisdom — or “Kordellisms” as he calls them — and his latest message seems like it might very well be directed at his ex-wife, Porsha. The post from January 13 reads, “YOU can tell what is in a persons heart….by what comes out of their MOUTH.”

Like we said, post-split Porsha practically confirmed Kordell is gay, and even though she never fully admitted to that, the serious insinuations alone likely did enough damage. In the caption for the post Kordell goes on to explain his position in the importance of actions vs. words.

He writes, “Morning IG peeps breaking news: giving people the benefit of the doubt is ok at times. They may be going through something but really is not your job to understand. You can try if you have the patience, but theirs only one Dr Phil...be mindful of what you say. While you're hurting you also may hurt someone else in the process with that mouth. #kordellism.”

We’ve speculated that Kodell may have taken digs at Porsha in the past, but this one really seems to hit close to home.

Do you think Kordell is talking about Porsha in this “Kordellism”? Tell us your thoughts and theories below!