Kordell Stewart Says Porsha Williams Suffers From “Financial Negligence”
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Kordell Stewart Says Porsha Williams Suffers From “Financial Negligence”

Last we heard, Porsha Williams was filing papers in her nasty divorce with Kordell Stewart claiming he locked her out of their home, but Kordell says that's not the whole story.

The ex-NFL star says his estranged wife's financial problems are her own fault, claiming that he will not be giving her any money to find a new place. Porsha has asked a judge to force Kordell to help her find a "suitable alternative residence."

Now it's Kordell's turn to fire back. And in new legal documents, he says Porsha's attempt to vicimize herself as having been locked out is a ploy to "make herself more marketable in the media" and is the exact opposite of the truth.

As we reported earlier, Kordell says he texted Porsha to let her know about the lock change prior to it happening. He claims it was for security purposes, but gave her fair warning and just asked for her to give him a "heads up" if she needed to get any of her stuff. He also says he told his lawyer to ask Porsha for a list of everything she needed to and he would be happy to help.

And now Kordell is saying that Porsha is a celebrity who makes a ton of money, but due to her own "financial negligence" is trapped living with her mother.

One example of this? Kordell says Porsha spends her money on "grooming and clothing items" rather than paying her bills, bills, bills. Unsurprisingly enough, Kordell is reportedly asking the judge to shoot down Porsha's request for temporary relief.

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