Kourtney Kardashian Gets an Enema! Top 6 OMG Moments From Kourtney & Kim Take New York Season 2, Episode 1
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Kourtney Kardashian Gets an Enema! Top 6 OMG Moments From Kourtney & Kim Take New York Season 2, Episode 1

Choosing just a few ridiculous moments from any Kourtney & Kim Take New York episode is quite the challenge. This week, we’ve managed to cherry pick the top 6 moments from Season 2, Episode 1 that made us go “OMG!” (Not that we normally think in acronyms. ..Okay. You’re right. We do.)

6. Scott and Kourtney Have Separate Beds
Sure, Kourt and Scott have been together a whopping four or five years (Kourtney forgets), but we were still shocked to learn they don’t even pass out in the the same bed! What gives? Well, Scott took to his Twitter after last night’s episode to explain the separate shacking up. Simply put, he says he can’t sleep with Mason in the bed. And yes, Mason still sleeps with Kourtney.

5. Kourtney Gets an Enema!
The eldest Kardashian was on a total health kick this episode. Don’t get us wrong, we think it’s cool she wants to eat healthy and keep chemicals away from her little one (how responsible!), but it all went too far when she opted for an “oil enema” at a holistic spa.

4. Kim’s Foot Freakout
If there’s one thing you don’t do to Kim Kardashian, it’s mess with her fresh pedicure. Kris got wrestl-y with Kim (trying to push her face into sister Kourtney’s butt ‘leak’ on their bed, no less) and chipped her toenail. Without so much as a blink, Kim lunged at him. We think it was a little unwarranted (um, you’re Kim Kardashian — you know they salon will fix it for free), but still. Kris’ constant horse playing is so middle school.

Kourtney Kardashian Gets an Enema! Top 6 OMG Moments From Kourtney & Kim Take New York Season 2, Episode 1
Credit: Splash News    

3. Scott Flips Out
Once again, Scott Disick’s drinking caused serious probs for the famous family. As any avid fan knows, the Patrick Bateman lookalike has had some crazy incidents in the past due to excessive drinking. As soon as we saw him downing cocktails at Kim and Kris’ “Welcome to NYC” party, we knew we were in for it. Eventually he started running off at the mouth and making stupid comments, much to his girlfriend Kourtney’s dismay. The next morning, tensions were still high and Scott got so fed up with Kourtney’s nagging that he left NYC. But will he be back? Judging by the season’s previews, we’re gonna say yes. We all know Scott can’t stay out of the spotlight for long!

2. The Girls Do Naked Yoga
Kourtney coped with Scott’s disappearance with a little yoga — naked yoga, that is. While Kourt, Kim, and their DASH pals didn’t show much skin, their rasta-ed out teacher had no qualms about downward dogging in the buff. And that would’ve all been well and good had Kris Humphries not shown up mid-naked sun salutation. He sure got an eyeful! Still, the fact that he reacted like a 16-year-old boy really irked us. Grow up, dude. People get naked. It’s natural.

1. Kris Goes Home to Minnesota!
Between Mason’s makeshift playroom right outside their bedroom and finding naked yoga teachers in his hotel room, Kris had had enough by episode’s end. He calmly told Kim he thought he needed to leave the Big Apple to go back home to Minnesota to train during the off-season. We were left mouths agape when she said that was cool. Totally not how we expected her to react!

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