Kourtney Kardashian Claims She Was Raised By Nannies, Not Kris Jenner!
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Kourtney Kardashian Claims She Was Raised By Nannies, Not Kris Jenner!

Tensions were running high between Kourtney Kardashian and the rest of her family on the recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It seems like Kourt was a little jealous of all the help pregnant sister Kim Kardashian was getting from their mom and from Kourt’s boyfriend Scott Disick, but things turned nasty while these four got together to make some preparations for baby North’s arrival.

Kourtney has been pissed at Scott for helping Kim while not helping out much at his own house, but she totally flew off the handle when her mom started contradicting the advice she was giving Kim about, of all things, baby towels.

Kourtney told Kim she only needed two towels, and Kris said she needed more than that. Kourt started fuming, and criticizing Kris’s parenting experience!

“I had six kids!” Kris cried, in her own defense.  

“You had a hundred nannies!” Kourtney shot back.

“What?” Kris responded, sounding pretty upset. “I had no one when you were born, Kourtney, no one.”

But Kourtney wasn’t convinced, and kept insisting that Kris had a baby nurse from the moment she had children.

“She claims you didn’t raise her,” Scott said to Kris.

Say what?! We know Scott was just jumping in to protect Kris’s feelings, but if Kourtney actually feels that way, that’s pretty awful! She’s Kris’s oldest child, and while she probably doesn’t remember being a baby (we’re guessing), it’s pretty sad that she remembers a childhood being raised by people other than her mother.

Then again, Kourtney prides herself on being a great mom, so maybe she was just cutting into Kris to assert her superiority in this one area. Either way, it explains why you never see a nanny with Kourtney's kids on the KUWTK cameras!