Kourtney Kardashian/Scott Disick Throwback: Look How Different They Are!
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Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian/Scott Disick Throwback: Look How Different They Are!

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have more than earned their place as the most fashionable members of the Kardashian family, but a recent photo posted to Lord Disick’s Instagram proves that wasn’t always the case.

In the photo, captioned “Bk(before kids),” Khloe and Scott look like mere kids themselves, with the couple rocking a look that definitely screams “clubwear,” not couture.

The pic shows a clean-shaven Scott protectively holding onto his lady love, his slicked back and tight t-shirt obscuring the powerful Lord contained within.

Kourtney, on the other hand, looks to be in full party mode, baring not only her soul, but an up-close look at her tonsils, to the camera, while rocking a colorful halter top, oversized hoops, bangles, and more makeup than most Sephoras sell in a year.

While Kourt’s over-the-top look obscures the reality star’s natural beauty, it does make her look surprisingly like younger sister Kim, who spent the early and mid-2000s wearing such crazy makeup and clothing she managed to make Paris Hilton look demure.

Although Kourtney hasn’t forced Scott to take the photo down yet, it’s likely not for lack of trying. In the sisters’ book, Kardashian Konfidential, Kourtney said of revisiting her former look, “Whenever I look at my old pictures… I look so ugly and my eyes look weird.”

Whatever you say, Kourtney!

Are you surprised by how different Kourtney and Scott look?

Source: Instagram