Kree Harrison Would Love to Record With Keith Urban, Plans Country Album — Interview
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Kree Harrison Would Love to Record With Keith Urban, Plans Country Album — Interview

During her time on American Idol 2013, runner-up Kree Harrison received some rather conflicting advice and critiques from the Season 12 judges. While some praised her country strong style, others couldn’t stop talking about her possible pop crossover appeal. For those fans who were afraid Kree might give up the country to go mainstream, fear not, she is set on making her first album all about country music!

In a press interview after the American Idol finale, Kree says that while she has no plans to abandon her love of country music, she doesn’t want to be put into a “box” and given a specific label. She would, however, love to have a chance to record with her former Idol judge Keith Urban!

Now that it's over what's the next part?

The next step! All of the relationships that I've created and friends that I've made get to move forward together, which is crazy, I get to go and tour. Then I just want to make a record, that's all I've ever wanted to do.

Candice is coming out with her album in 6 weeks and Angie has a new single what's going on with your music?

Stay tuned.

WP: If you could pick one person from the cast to perform with on your album who would that be?

Keith. He's a fellow country artist and it would be awesome to have a collaboration. I had so much fun singing with him.

Can you tell us what your ideal album will sound like?

I don't want to tell you yet, it's definitely going to be country, for sure I want to be country. I can't believe I get to go and make that now.

Do you want to crossover country or mainstream?

I really do want to put myself in a box now. But whatever it is it will be Kree.

You had mentioned wanting to fix your parents house, have you done anymore planning on that this is something you'd like to do right away?

All in good time, there will be a time for that and we are definitely going to do that one day.

Nashville is always welcoming to new artists and are very supportive is that where you think your home will remain?

Oh yes, I've lived in Nashville for 13 years so I've adopted lots of family. I am a little biased; it's my 2nd home.

When it comes to this whole process what is the most unexpected challenge?

I try so hard to live in the moment because I felt like the challenge was that it was so fast-paced, but I feel like I did all right.

05.23.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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