Kris and Bruce Jenner Celebrate an Awkward Easter Together
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Kris and Bruce Jenner Celebrate an Awkward Easter Together

Kris and Bruce Jenner may still be boasting about mastering the art of amicable separation, but their demeanor at an Easter Sunday church service in California proved there’s more friction between the two than they’ve been letting on.

According to, during the California Community Church’s Easter service at the Agoura Hills Sheraton, Kris seemed delighted to be in attendance, but her estranged husband’s surliness made it clear he was anything but.

“He had his hands stuck in his pockets, his baseball cap down over his eyes, and didn’t walk anywhere near Kris as they went in,” says an eyewitness.

While the pair have been separated for over a year, which can cause some serious tension, both Kris and Bruce have denied that their relationship is at all rocky, insisting instead that they’re better friends than ever now that they’re living apart.

Despite their iciness to one another over the weekend, the pair’s relationship has looked like it’s been on the mend in recent months. Earlier in April, Kris and Bruce were spotted holding hands and wearing their wedding rings at LAX and, during Kris’ recent visit to the hospital, Bruce was right by his estranged wife’s side.

Are you surprised that Kris and Bruce are so chilly to one another in public?