Patti Stanger Reveals Her Plans to Set Up Kris and Bruce Jenner With New Spouses!
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Patti Stanger Reveals Her Plans to Set Up Kris and Bruce Jenner With New Spouses!

Kris and Bruce Jenner may have only officially announced their separation to the public a few days ago, but the reality stars are already hot commodities.

Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger tells E! Online that she’s more than ready to get to set up the couple with new people, especially after seeing how mature they’ve been in dealing with the split.

"I think the way they're handling it is wonderful. I mean a lot of people should take a page from Kris and Bruce's book. I'm sure this is coming from a long time ago, it wasn't a shock to them. It wasn't like yesterday to them. They planned it, they did a really good job," Patti says.

While the separation announcement may have come as a shock to some fans, Patti says she thinks their children are doing remarkably well, given the circumstances.

"The kids look happy and well-adjusted. I think they're doing a really great job, I don't think anything's wrong with that. Sometimes when your relationship hits the wall, you wanna go this way, they wanna go that way and you end it."

Always on the job, Patti reveals she has the perfect kind of guy in mind for newly single Kris.

"Kris is all woman. She needs to go for a younger guy. I have to think on Kris. I'd like a guy like 10-12 years younger than her, who really likes the fast lane, who wants to build the empire, who wants to be in the front lines. The guy that really makes her feel confident and he wants wealth, he wants power. A go-getter. Maybe a Silicon Valley guy."

As for Bruce, Patti promises she won’t leave him lonely, either. “I want Bruce—Kris, I'm sorry—but I wanna put Bruce on Millionaire Matchmaker. We actually put the call out today."

Source: E! Online