Kris and Bruce Jenner Planning to Divorce When Keeping Up With the Kardashians Wraps — Report
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The Kardashians

Kris and Bruce Jenner Planning to Divorce When Keeping Up With the Kardashians Wraps — Report

Kris and Bruce Jenner still insist that their recent announcement of a separation is not a prelude to divorce, but rather a brief vacation from marriage. However, a new report claims that the reality stars are merely keeping their marriage intact until Keeping Up with the Kardashians runs its course. reports that once the show is over, the couple will make their current handshake deal of a split legal.

“Bruce and Kris will file for divorce but not until the current contract for the shows comes to an end,” a friend of Bruce’s tells the website.

“No one would watch if there wasn’t drama, separation leaves it up in the air and will make viewers want to tune in. But once it’s over, it will be over for the marriage too — once and for all.”

While there’s no doubt the world loves a cliffhanger, we’re not so sure that rule applies when it comes to KUWTK audiences.

When Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from ex-hubby Kris Humphries, the drama played out on camera, much to the delight of viewers. In fact, the divorce filing kept her on the cover of tabloids for months after the fact — an effect a prolonged separation probably wouldn’t have achieved.

However, Kris is all about that money, and with countless endorsement deals riding on the success of the show, there’s no way she’ll let the ratings slip further — even if it means she has to keep living a lie.

“Kris thinks a long drawn out separation will keep viewers coming back for more and the show needs it, at the moment,” says the insider.

Even if lagging ratings do get the show canceled, Kris always has options. Kris and Kim Take Paris, anyone?


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