Kris Humphries Worried the Kardashians Will Ruin Lamar Odom’s Career
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Kris Humphries Worried the Kardashians Will Ruin Lamar Odom’s Career

Lamar Odom's supporters may be few and far between these days, but an unlikely source from his past is offering up advice and support to the troubled basketball star before it’s too late.

Kim Kardashian's ex-husband, Kris Humphries, is reportedly concerned that Lamar will be ruined by the Kardashians’ PR wizardry and hopes that he can get out from under their thumb before it happens.

While RadarOnline reports that Kris and Lamar were never pals while he was married to Kim, he knows that he’s one of the few people who can truly empathize with Lamar’s life under Kardashian rule.

“Kris knows first-hand, as he was the victim of countless attacks by a tabloid website during his divorce from Kim,” says an insider. “That same website has claimed Lamar was missing when he wasn’t, and this is just the beginning. There should be a support group for the former husbands and boyfriends of the Kardashians!”

While there are reports that Lamar will have a spot with the Lakers if he cleans up his act, Kris knows the business of basketball all too well, and is urging his fellow NBA star to get help before he torpedoes his career.

“Despite how openly hostile Khloe was to Kris during his marriage to Kim, he respects her for being the only genuine person in the family,” says the source, adding that Kris “hopes [Lamar] gets the help he needs.”

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Source: RadarOnline