Kim Kardashian Wants Kris Jenner to Back Off on Wedding Planning — Report
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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Wants Kris Jenner to Back Off on Wedding Planning — Report

Kim Kardashian may use Kris Jenner as a momager for a lot of aspects of her career, but when it comes to her wedding to Kanye West? According to the new issue of Us Weekly, Kim is ready for Kris to back off and let her do her own thing.

“Kim doesn’t want Kris making all the decisions for the wedding,” says an insider close to the bride-to-be. “Kim put her foot down, and things got heated.”

Although it wouldn’t be the first time Kris got a little overzealous about a big event in her daughter’s life, we’re not so sure this is the case. After all, when has Kim ever not gotten her way? If she wants the fancy engraved napkin rings, she’ll get the fancy engraved napkin rings, whether Kris likes it or not.

“[They] went a few days without even talking. It was chilly between them,” the source adds. “Kris is hurt because Kim has always deferred to her, even when she was serious with a guy. Kanye is different … She became secretive of things when she didn’t want Kris involved. Kris wanted bigger in every way. Kanye wants it to be even more private.”

Funny that the source should say this, considering the fact that the guest list Kanye’s reportedly come up with spans more than 600 people. And Kanye, private? Just as much as Kim loves getting her way, Kanye loves making a huge deal over just about everything he does. A wedding is definitely his time to shine — and we think their theme will be “the more elaborate, the better.”

Do you think Kris is really trying to take over Kim’s wedding, or is there nothing to worry about here?

Source: Us Weekly via Reality TV World