Kris Jenner Cuddles With Bruce on Beach in Romantic Throwback Pic (PHOTO)
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Kris Jenner Cuddles With Bruce on Beach in Romantic Throwback Pic (PHOTO)

Ah, memories. Things haven't gone so smoothly for Bruce and Kris Jenner's romantic relationship of late. But the two truly used to be adorable together, as proven by this throwback photo.

Kris and Bruce announced in October 2013 that they had separated, revealing that they had actually been living apart for a year. Kris has since been rumored to be dating other guys, including Bachelor alum Ben Flajnik.

But Kourtney Kardashian hasn't forgotten about the good ol' days for the couple. On Febraury 3, Kourt posts a throwback photo of Kris and Bruce cuddling up together on a sandy beach.

"They are too amazing!" Kourtney captions the pic.

Yowza! We definitely get an eyeful in this photo, as both young Kris and young Bruce are showing off an ample amount of skin. But we can also see the love that the two clearly had for each other, and it's so cute to see Kris romantically resting her elbow on Bruce's knee. And by the way, we kinda want to borrow that leopard-print bikini from Kris if she still has it.

The beach looks quite relaxing, although we're not sure exactly when or where this photo was taken. Kris and Bruce got married in April 1991 after dating for five months.

Are you surprised to see how young and in love Kris and Bruce once were?

Source: Kourtney Kardashian on Instagram